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scott and noah in the car to pick us up at the airport

checking out the cool chair GJ borrowed for the visit

lovin some avocado

also loving the car/walker GJ borrowed, de-lux

playing in the car with noah

GC is...

...sooo funny

GC surrounded Luc with new toys, fun

this froggy with rubber feet was a favorite

scott makin the baby cry

making candy sushi

noah mastering the technique

luc trying to help

everyone working hard on sushi

the final product

top chef's showing their masterpieces

really getting the hang of this thing by day 2

uncle scott wearing around dad's kunjar (sp?) as he likes to do

dinner out with the andersons and cochrans

Jason, Kate, Molly, and Susan

Thanksgiving skype call with Papa, toy near the camera...

...Luc had a lot to say

Pat, Lori and Scott waitin on some turkey

these sweaters were found in the closets upstairs, yikes